A Hot talks about Something, Someday, Someone (2020)

TYPE : 1ch Interactive installation / 3ch Video display

MATERIAL : PC, Robot arm(Neuromeka indy7), projector, monitor, webcam, divx player, Deep Learning Libraries (stylegan,artbreeder), Meme DB Set

SIZE : dimension variable, Video – Each 16’00”

Year : 2020

– Co-work/ 협력

Software developer : Youngtak Cho / 조영탁

Hardware Engineer : YoungJun Cho / 조영준

Sound composer_arranger : Hyunju Woo / 우현주

– Support/ 후원

Paradise Art Lab_Paradise Cultural Foundation/ 파라다이스 아트랩_파라다이스 문화재단

Neuromeka / 뉴로메카

인터넷과 같은 네트워크 시스템에서 언어로 기능하는 새로운 커뮤니케이션의 수단인 Meme(/;이미지영상) 바탕으로 한다. Meme 바탕으로 생산된 이미지영상이 인공지능에 의해 새롭게 재구성 되어 관객의 인터랙션에 따라 변화하는 형태로 선보이는 작품이다카메라를 통해 받아들여진 데이터를 바탕으로 인공지능 알고리즘(StyleGAN : A Style-Based Generator Architecture for GANs) 학습을 진행한  모델과 반응하고 이를 통해 재구성된 기억은 디스플레이와 로보틱스(협동로봇) 통해 시청각 소스로 바뀐다 프로젝트는 현실에는 존재하지 않는 인위적인 결과를 토대로상호작용을 만들어 내는  초점을 맞추고 있다만들어진 인공지능 모델은 일상적인 Meme 의미에서 인간에게 받아들여지기보다는 인간의 대화를 대체하는 것에 보다  많은 감정적 경험을 제공할 것이다.

  • 인공지능 학습에 사용된 소스는 CC0(public domain) License 적용된 DB 활용하였다.

This work is based on memes (meme/meme; image, video), a new means of communication that functions as language in network systems such as the Internet. Re-produced images and videos based on memes have been reconstructed with Artificial Intelligence and are set to change depending on interactions with the audience. Based on the data received through the camera, an artificial intelligence algorithm (StyleGAN: A Style-Based Generator Architecture for GANs) reacts to each model that has been trained, and the memory reconstructed with this turns into an audiovisual source through display and robotics (cooperative robots). This project focuses on creating interactions based on artificial results that do not exist in reality. The artificial intelligence model created will provide more emotional experiences to replace human conversation than to be accepted by humans in the sense of everyday memes.

  • The source used for artificial intelligence learning was the DB applied with CC0 (public domain) license.